Kidis Lab Crowdfunding

The Kidis Lab is the new location of the online children's clothes reseller Kidis. A sustainable second hand store specialised in high quality clothing for children.

To be able to open their new physical store in the heart of Zurich they needed to get some funds. It is not easy to open up your own store, hey!

We helped them achieve this dream with a concise crowdfunding video. In it you hear what they need and especially for what they need it. Because they did not just open a regular old store but it is also a walk-in work place, where you can see how all the pictures for the online store get made and when it comes to the check out, they integrated a new self check out system, great for us introverts. 😆

Thanks to their strong brand identity and beautiful pastel color palette it was a breeze to create this video for their new crowdfunding campaign. And in case you're wondering, they did hit the goal of 20 000 Swiss francs ahead of schedule. 🤩

In case you need some new clothing for your child or just want to check it out, go to or visit them in Zurich in their newly opened store! ☀️

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